Van Woensel PCE, more than 40 years of experience at your service.

With almost half a century experience, Van Woensel Professional Cleaning Equipment has become the reference for the purchase and maintenance of industrial cleaners and accessories. Thanks to our close cooperation with various manufacturers and importers, we can provide you with the right cleaner within your budget. Both for professional and private users.

  • Kent high pressure cleaners


    Danish quality cleaners that have proven their worth for over 40 years. Find our range of offers here!

    Kent high pressure cleaners
  • Anatomy of a Suttner machine


    Anatomy of a Suttner machine
  • Suttner machine accessories


    Anatomy of a Suttner machine
  • Suttner machine accessories


    Suttner machine accessories
  • Rotating surface cleaner


    Rotating surface cleaner for telescopic lances, connectable to a high pressure cleaner. Ideal for hard to reach places!

    Rotating surface cleaner
  • Schwamborn single-disc machine


    Schwamborn single-disc machine0
  • Turbodevil surface cleaner


    Turbodevil surface cleaner

Our service

All our machines are delivered free of charge by our own services, with free training and setup (Belgium). If you have any subsequent questions or problems, we guarantee that we will still be here for you! Thanks to our years of expertise and know-how, we are able to continuously maintain your machine.

Our range

In our range of offers, you will find industrial and professional high pressure cleaners, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners, scrubbing and sanding machines, as well as all possible specialities, accessories and components. We hope to welcome you as a satisfied customer!